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About 911 Restoration Missoula

Meet the Owner:

Will Reed keeps 911 Restoration Missoula running strong with his fresh start attitude to provide people with a high quality property restoration experience with every job he takes on.

Water Damage Restoration Floor RepairBefore joining 911 Restoration, Will ran a successful carpet cleaning business.

As he recognized the extent of damage that water can cause beyond carpets and into the actual building materials of a home, he knew he could do more for the community by offering full restoration service.

When he saw the sincerity in the 911 Restoration crews, he knew this was the right choice for him.

Now, when floods come to Missoula, Montana, Will Reed and 911 Restoration respond in full, repairing properties and being there in the customer’s time of need.

When they have a problem, they call Will, and he leads them to the Fresh Start on the other side of the restoration process.

He strives to brighten the day of those afflicted by property damage. If you have a water damage scenario afoot in your home or business, then contact our experts with 911 Restoration Missoula today!

Water Damage Prevention Tips From The Experts

Call any time, 24/7/365 and they will be there immediately for water extraction. With years of experience in such fields, Will Reed understands the need for professionalism and carries it with him on every job.

Will Reed offers the following tips as advice for homeowners facing leaks:


  • Water Damage Restoration Of Old Wall BoardDo not try to fix it yourself – Water has a way of seeping into unseen areas, and without professional training and gear, you may end up with more trouble.
  • Hire a Professional – You want to know all excess moisture is fully removed, otherwise mold could grow in its stead, so have a professional check out the incident for you.
  • Have your home Inspected – It is a good idea to have a professional inspection biannually to ensure your home has not contracted mold or leaks. This will keep your home and your health in good standing.
  • Make sure to clean out your gutters before winter every year so that you can prevent any clogs from becoming overflows and the ice dams which can destroy your roof.

When you find leaks in your home, call 911 Restoration Missoula for professional water damage restoration that always leaves the customer happy.

Don’t let water invade your home without getting help from the best in the industry first. Contact our water damage Missoula team with 911 Restoration Missoula and let our experts help today!

Water Damage Restoration Is Key

The day Will Reed launched 911 Restoration Missoula, he received his first job at 11PM on a Friday: a flooded basement, and all the various challenges that come with it.

Water Damage Restoration Fleet At HeadquartersThe basement was unfinished, so the flood only came in contact with concrete. Will started the dry out upon arrival. He traced the incident back to a leaking hose on the hot water heater.

It helped that the tenant was aware of the situation. He sensed humidity on his first floor and called the landlord when he found his basement underwater.

The landlord called 911 Restoration Missoula, and the rest is the historic first restoration job for Reed.

When you call 911 Restoration Missoula, you receive the same 100% customer satisfaction, whether its property damage or carpet cleaning.

If your home or business is already amid a water damage event, then contact Will and the water damage Missoula team with 911 Restoration Missoula today!

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